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Sexual harassment charge against orphanage secy

TNN May 10, 2012, 07.32AM IST

BHUBANESWAR: Inmates and staff of Manoj Manjari Sishu Bhawan, an orphanage in Keonjhar, on Wednesday brought allegations of sexual harassment, physical torture and misappropriation of funds against the secretary of the institute. They lodged a complaint with the State Commission for Women and have also written to the state government.


"The secretary of the institution made sexual advances towards me. He also asked me to go out of the town with him. When I refused he abused me in filthy language and sacked me," said Sasmita Bharti, a house mother of the orphanage.

She said four women staff have been sacked in the last couple of months without any valid reason. The employess ofthe bhawan staged a dharna in front of the institute on May 2 and joined work following the assurance of the additional district magistrate.


"It has become difficult for women to work in the institute because of the atrocities of the secretary. We informed the collector, district social welfare officer and police about it. When no action was taken we decided to lodge a complaint with the State Commission for Women," said Parbati Jena, another employee. "The same secretary was dismissed by collector following an enquiry into alleged physical torture of inmates in 2008. But using his power he joined the institute again last year," said Jena.


The inmates also alleged that the authorities are providing substandard food and torturing them. Refuting the allegations, secretary of the Shishu Bhawan S N Mishra said that those were false and baseless. "It is a conspiracy against me. These staff are on temporary basis for short term and their jobs are extended if their work is satisfactory. Since these employees neglected their duties their terms were not extended following which they brought such allegations against me. I am also urging the State Commission for Women to conduct an enquiry into the case."


Chairperson of state commission for women Jyoti Panigrahi said, "I received the petition filed by the inmates and staff of the institute. We would make a field visit and conduct an enquiry if required."

/Linnea, Sara och Josefine

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